8 oz. package of cream cheese (room temperature)
1 TBSP sugar (you can use Lemon sugar to amp up the lemon flavor)
1/4 – 1/2 cup Olive Vault Grilled Lemon Balsamic Vinegar*
1 box Teddy Graham crackers or regular graham crackers

In the mixing bowl add the room temperature cream cheese and the sugar, cream together with the mixer for a minute or so (you can do this with the spoon by hand, but takes longer and makes your arm tired).   Then slowly add the 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar while mixing,  just be careful not to splash the vinegar out and make a mess.  You will want to taste your cream cheese mixture and add more vinegar if you want more flavor.
Scoop into a pretty bowl and chill for an hour or so till you are ready to serve.   Place the bowl on a tray or plate and surround it with the crackers for easy access.

*feel free to experiment with other flavors like Blueberry or Apricot when making this dip, there are so many choices.